Personalized Medicine through Mathematics



  • Personalized Pharmacokinetics: analyses of clinical  data finalized to the development of a personalized pharmacokinetic model. 
  • Population Pharmacokinetics: population-based pharmacokinetic studies with absorption and elimination models which may include covariates of any type, e.g., demographic, biochemical and genetic.
  • Population Pharmacodynamics: population-based studies of efficacy and toxicity in terms of covariates  which may include genetic polymorphisms as well as pharmacokinetic, clinical and biological parameters.
  • Optimization of drug dose: development of analyses and algorithms  based on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics results and finalized to provide the optimal drug dose for each patient.
  • Pharmacological modelling: development of mathematical models to study possible interactions between physiological characteristics and exogenous/endogenous quantities like drugs and toxins. 
  • Simulation of clinical trials: numerical simulations of possible scenarios to optimize protocols.



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